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Great New Site= June 26, 2007

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GREAT NEW SITE A New Vertical Search Engine

A new federated search tool that allows users to simultaneously search job listings from hundreds of sites.

“ includes all the job listings from major job boards, newspapers, associations and company career pages – and we continue to add new sites every day.”

The site is: clutter-free with a simple interface, you can sort results by relevance or date, search term refinements are available on results pages, job listings are available via RSS and/or e-mail, jobs are ranked solely by relevance or date, and does not accept money for placement.

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Let me know if you’ve landed your new job through this site!

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Did You Know? Facts from Wikipedia June 11, 2007

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(off topic).. thought you might like to read something different…



that Elsa Eschelsson, the first woman both to finish a doctorate in Law and to teach in a university in Sweden, was denied the right to serve even as acting professor because of her sex?

…that the test for enrollment at Germany’s Helmut Schmidt University involves not an intelligence test, but military training and troop procedures?

…that Charles Macartney, who set a record for the most runs scored in one day, first learned to bat with apples from the family orchard?

…that thermal vent ecosystems have been discovered in the Aegean Sea, in the caldera of Kolumbo underwater volcano?

…that motorsport announcer Ken Squier coined the phrase “The Great American Race” for the Daytona 500?

…that St. Patrick’s Church was the first Catholic parish established in New Orleans outside the French Quarter, so that Irish immigrants would have a parish that was not dominated by French-speaking Creoles?

…that the Roman general Barbatio was beheaded for treason after his wife’s indiscreet letter was intercepted by Emperor Constantius II?

…that Tropical Storm Helene of 2000 struck Florida just five days after Hurricane Gordon?

…that Daylight Saving Time was first legislated in North America in June 1917 by the former country of Newfoundland?

Enjoy your day!

Erin Kennedy, CPRW


Tardiness on the Job

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Tardiness at work -According to a recent Today survey that found 16 percent of workers arrive late to work at least once a week. The survey, conducted in the United States from February 15 to March 6, 2007, included responses from 6,823 employees in the private sector and 2,591 hiring managers and HR professionals with significant involvement in hiring decisions. Some of the findings:

-25% of employees admit to faking an excuse for their tardiness

-31% cited traffic was the top excuse for showing up late

-16% admitted falling back asleep

-8% had problems getting their kids on their way to school

-41% of men are less likely to be late, compared to 37% of women

-22% of men are less likely to fib about why they are late, compared to 28% of women

-44% of hiring managers say they don’t care if their employees are late as long as their work is completed on time and with good quality

-One in five stricter hiring managers would consider terminating an employee for arriving late two or three times in a given year

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40 is the new 30 June 8, 2007

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40 IS THE NEW 30?

You know how we all keep hearing, “40 is the NEW 30!”?– well, I’m not quite sure how much of that I really believe, maybe it is in Hollywood– but it doesn’t stop me from lathering on the wrinkle cream every morning and night in hopes of stopping the increasingly apparent (and depressing) aging process happening on my face.

However, good news in on the rise to the 40-somethings!

It used to be that the main candidates for corporate relocation were 30-somethings looking to move up the corporate ladder. Not anymore. According to Robert Scally of, “Companies are now asking 40-somethings and seasoned veterans to relocate. It’s a development paralleling another workplace trend: the demand for high-skilled workers. From 1973 to 1987 about 12 percent of transferees were over 40, according to Atlas Van Lines’ annual coprorate relocation surveys. Today, the figure is around 30 percent. In addition, the demand for quality workers has emerged as the highest external factor affecting corporate relocations. Here’s another trend that emerged from the survey: Health benefits and full insurance coverage aren’t the only benefits being scaled back by employers these days. Over the past 40 years, reimbursement packages for trasferees and new hires have been shrinking from full reimbursement for travel and moving expenses to partial reimbursement and lump-sum payments. However, perks such as spousal job assistance is up. It’s just one way companies are going above and beyond to lure top talent. Thirty years ago, most companies fully reimbursed transferees–in fact, the figure was close to 86 percent. Last year, slightly more than half offered the perk. It’s also a benefit few small companies are able to afford, and more large companies dish out. Other trends include an increase in international relocations and outsourcing, as well as the demand for a more skilled workforce”.

Getting older has its perks after all!

Until next time,

Erin Kennedy, CPRW